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Warm Grazing Pack


Image of Warm Grazing Pack

From our fiery Peri-Peri Biltong, to our hot and spicy Jerk Droewors, with brazil nuts, figs, raisins, sultanas, apricots and coconut in between, our Warm Grazing pack is just bursting with zing and sweet delights.

Protein packed and 21-day matured, our Peri-Peri Biltong is blended with mixed spices, malt vinegar, Worcestershire Sauce and coriander, for a truly unique tang, and the Caribbean heat of our premium beef Jerk Droewors is divine. For a sweeter taste, the pack includes delicious, chewy and nutritious figs and apricots, crunchy brazil nuts, fibre-full coconut, and raisins and sultanas for good energy carbs.

What you get

400g Jerk Droewors

200g Peri-Peri Biltong

100g brazil nuts

100g figs

75g raisins/sultanas

75g apricots

25g coconut