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Sweet & Sour Pouch


Image of Sweet & Sour Pouch

The zest of our Peri-Peri Biltong, the sizzling flavours of our Jerk Droewors and the sweetness of aronia berries and cranberries make for a perfect mix in our Sweet and Sour Pouch.

Super spicy and utterly delicious, this biltong is bursting with protein and Peri-Peri delight. Matured for 21 days and blended with a unique combination of herbs and spices, you can have your Peri-Peri Biltong medium or dry, with fat or without. And our premium beef, slowly dried, spice-infused Jerk Droewors pack a fiery punch. Dubbed ‘nature’s healer’, aronia berries have the highest concentration of antioxidants present in any fruit and are said to help boost the immune system. These tiny berries have a distinctive flavour and both sour and sweet taste, as do cranberries with their tart and tangy edge, as well as high nutrient and antioxidant content.

What you get

100g Peri-Peri Biltong

100g Jerk Droewors

50g aronia berries

50g cranberries