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HOT Grazing Pack


Image of HOT Grazing Pack

For those who like it hot, this pack is just bursting with spice. With our fiery Red Biltong and Caribbean-spice-infused Jerk Droewors accompanied by brazil nuts and five delicious fruits, our Hot Grazing Pack certainly hits the spot.

Left to infuse overnight in a thick marinade of chillies, vinegar, Worcestershire Sauce and spices, our Red Biltong is super hot and super tasty. While our Jerk Droewors offer the epitome of a tangy, spicy snack. Complementing the zingy beef flavours, figs bring sweetness to the mix, alongside juicy raisins, sultanas and apricots. The distinct and exotic taste of coconut works brilliantly with fibre-packed figs and the crunch of nutrient-filled brazil nuts.

What you get

400g Jerk Droewors

200g Red Biltong

100g brazil nuts

100g figs

75g raisins/sultanas

75g apricots

25g coconut