At Veld Biltong we don’t just make the finest UK biltong, we do it with passion – a lifelong passion for authentic, delicious, succulent, South African biltong.

Lovingly handmade and sliced to order by our own chef, we use genuine equipment from South Africa, 21-day-matured beef and our own unique blend of herbs and spices.

Our beef biltong and droewors are made with prime organic, grass-fed beef and hung for 21 days to ensure optimum tenderness and flavour. And we source all of our biltong meat from a local butcher we’ve known for 25 years, so you can be assured of absolute premium British meat, with guaranteed traceability from the farm to your door.

Unlike some other biltong suppliers, we carefully select only the very best ingredients, and add nothing artificial to any of our biltong snacks or droewors – ever. That’s why you won’t see Veld Biltong in supermarkets, because we simply won’t add the preservatives and salt needed for that kind of shelf life.

We believe in fresh, succulent, pure and delicious biltong and droewors. And that’s exactly what you get from us at Veld Biltong.

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