How to store your biltong

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We're often asked what the best way to store biltong is. So here's a few tips to keep your biltong in tip-top condition while you decide on when best to eat it or who to share it with.

The biltong we sell comes packed in a vacuum pack with a protective atmosphere. The oxygen in the bag is removed (that's the job of the little sachet in there) which stops any microbes or mould growing in there. We also store it chillied until it is ready to be sent to you. Unlike a lot of producers we do not add any preservatives or sugar. 

You've received your package of biltong - what next?

If you're not ready to eat your biltong right away then leave it in the vacuum pack, unopened, and stick it in the fridge. It'll last for quite a while in there. Don't freeze it. When you are ready to eat the biltong, take the pack out of the fridge and let it reach room temperature. This will stop any condenstation appearing on the biltong making it a little damp and slightly more prone to mould. 

If you want to open right away or you have waited the agonising hours to let the pack reach room temperature then follow the rest of the instructions below. 

For sliced biltong

Open the pack and tip onto a plate or into a large bowl. Let the air get to it, inhale the aroma. You can take the plate and scoff the lot or take a little and leave the rest on the plate. Cover with a tea towel to keep any bugs off (and little fingers) and make sure it is in a dry, cool environment. Give it a little stir from time to time to keep the pieces aired.

The biltong will continue to dry out on the plate and it will last many days letting you pick at it as you wish. 

For whole biltong

Whole biltong should be stored in a similar way to sliced. In a cool, airy space. Ideally place the sticks on a cooling grid or hang them up somewhere. Don't let them touch or place them on top of one another as that may encourage mould. 

Remember, we do not use preservatives or anything artificial in our biltong so making sure it is kept dry and in an airy space is a good practice to adopt. 


3 Comment(s)

Marianne Clemmetsen Mrs:
31/10/2017, 06:01:43 PM, None

What is the difference between black amd red biltong. Also, the prices quoted are per what weight? Thanks for your reply and your above information is helpful. I bought half a kg on Madeira and can't stop eating it, so it is good to know a reputable firm like yours can keep me in happiness.

Brian Uranovsky:
06/12/2017, 02:25:48 PM

DEar Sir/Madam I would like to buy big pieces of black biltong ( hanging biltong not cut and bagged I cannot see on your side which is whichKind regards Brian Uranovsky

Brandon Kirby:
18/01/2018, 02:24:33 AM

Do you sell whole silverside unsliced? Regards Brandon

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